17 Seconds to Weight Loss/The Guide
(by Susan James)


How does 17 Seconds change your weight? What Power is there in 17 Seconds of moving pure energy, and how do you do that ? Find out what it means for your weight loss to come to you instead of you chasing it. Learn how to move and form energy instead of tactics of willpower and discipline.

It is easier than we have been taught. We have been doing this weight loss thing backwards !

17 Seconds to Weight Loss, The Guide, boasts 72 Chapters on re designing your image, while further explaining the Power of Intention to help your desires come true.

James through her own co founded health and fitness centers and developer of Foodstyle 1&2, a one one one coaching program, has helped many in the weight loss arena as well as Manifesting other areas of their lives, through energy principles, which James calls User Friendly Physics.

Included by the Author who has published & written other offerings on Manifesting, and Weight Loss remains a Size 9 after hitting 196 pounds: 2 Week Boost, originally designed as a focus and intent project for Internet participants; Foodstyle 1 & 2; How to Use Vinegar in Weight Loss, and other aspects on re designing your life from body image to Livelihood aspirations.

Chapter Titles Included Among the 72 Chapters

  • Sabotage (answers the question as to why when you begin everything seems to get in your way) My Own Story
  • The KEY to Your Success
  • The Mechanics of Spirit,
  • What to Eat, What to Cook (Just Tell Me!)
  • Your Work/Livelihood
  • Follow Your Heart, It’s Outrageous to Some
  • Needles or Noodles
  • The Mechanics of Re Designing Your Life
  • How I Have Re Designed My Life
  • What Mechanics Did I Use and How
  • Passionate Asking
  • Solutions You Know Not Of and MORE !
  • Why, just a choice and decision adds momentum to your image desire and how to ride that!

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