Table of Contents


Thoughts Move Energy or I Am Slender, No I’m Not
Self Worth Made Easy
Two Things to “Do” to “Be” Your Desired Body Image
The Power of 17 Seconds
More on 17 Seconds
A Mid Summary Technique For Your Body Image
Mid Summary Technique: How To’s
Vibrational Harmony w/ Your Desire, The Universe Matches It
How Do You “Offer” Vibrational Harmony with Your Desire?
Offer Your Vibration on Purpose
Do NOT, Observe What Is
One Aspiration with Two Objectives
It’s Not the Food
My Story: Part 1
My Story: Part 2
It Does NOT Matter Why You Gained Weight
Taking Your Mind Off Of “It”
Not Much Ado About The Food Thing
The “How To…” Does Not Matter !
Applying The Laws
You Want It…BUT Are You Willing?
Taking Control, What’s It Really About?
The KEY to Your Success
How To See The Freedom
So, What’s To Like ?
Do Not Do It This Way !
The Mechanics of Spirit Part I
The Mechanics of Spirit Part II
Then This Begins to Happen
Moving Into the Higher Realms of Weight Loss
Your Higher Self Affecting Your Weight Loss
Yes, But….What If ?
Expanding Your Thoughts & Feelings

Section 2
Foodstyle One Intro Foodstyle Two Intro
Foodstyle One/Specifics
Foodstyle Two/Specifics
You Can Lose Weight With Vinegar
You Can Lose Weight With Vinegar/Specifics
Breakfast Lunch Suggestions: Intro
Breakfast Suggestions: Specific
Lunch Suggestions: Specific
What to Eat What To Cook: Intro
What to Eat: Specific
What to Cook: Specific
Personal Tally Chart: Intro
Personal Tally Chart: Specific
Weekly Journal: Intro
Weekly Journal Chart: Specific

Section 3. Introduction

Some Summarizing Fine Tuning Reminder
It is Easy & Simple, Some Practice Adds Momentum
So, Did You Do It ?
Take Those 17 Seconds Seriously !
2 Week Boost Program
2 Week Boost Program(Basic Understandings/Part 1)
2 Week Boost Program (Basic Understandings/Part2)
How Can You Make This Easier?
Manipulating Energy for Your Ease
A New Life for a New You
Your Work/Livelihood
As A Matter of Fact, Look What I Can Do!
Seeing the Value of You
WHO Are You Focusing On?
So, What DO You Want?
How To Ask and What to Look For
Working With Energy to Get What You Want
Why the Subject Does Not Matter
Changing Your Reactions to Get What You Want
Inside / Outside the Box: Where are You?
Needles or Noodles?
The New Gifts in the New Energy
Following Your Heart? It’s Outrageous to Some
Passionate Asking
Redesigning Your Life
There Is A Thickness
When the Thickness Begins to Leave
The Mechanics of Re Designing Your Life

How I Have Re Designed My Life
Which Mechanics Did I Use & How?
Solutions You Know Not Of
Digging Your Feet In


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