Castles #28 Full Circle (How Fairy Tales Can Come True) by Susan James


CastlesButtonsNL28Castles – ADVANCED-The Newsletter (Issue #28)
(by Susan James)


Castles-Full Circle
(How Fairy Tales Can Come True)
(by Susan James)


Description This Issue: The Theme of Issue #28 of
Castles-ADVANCED The Newsletter


Highlights from this issue:

As someone who has ferociously studied anything and
everything of a higher nature and done my best to apply it to
the best of my understanding, this issue of Castles is liken to
a full circle of this study.

My personal study and application has intertwined with these
two statements; one from Abraham-Hicks and the other from
The Magic Presence (St. Germain Press)

“When you understand the laws, then you understand that it is not more difficult to create a Castle than it is a button..MORE.” (Abraham-Hicks)

“The Tales of The Arabian Nights, are only too True, for when really understood, they are revelations of Divine Law. MORE….” (The Magic
Presence/St. Germain Press)
Castles, as we move through the ongoing issues, deals with
our conscious decision to apply higher methods to our
physical lives. This issue #28 gives further explanation as to
the benefits of same.
(Based on Susan’s recent book, The Done Deal and her
upcoming book, Castles and Buttons, Billions or Bane (How
to Have Everything by Doing Nothing)

Primary Essay Word Count: 996
Total Document Length: 6 pages
Primary Essay: 2 pages

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