5 And Dime Millions Game (Little Ways2Make A Lot) Susan James

Little Ways to Make A Lot (sj)

5AndDimeMillions Game
(by Susan James)

This was originally a Susan James Manifesting Games-
Group Course, which had both an online and offline aspect.

I’m putting out this revised simplified online version for
anyone whom may feel led to it. I’ve updated it a bit.
Try it for 3 Days…that’s all…and then repeat if so led.

The Online Portion of the 5AndDimeMillions Game

The concept is very simple: Think of this: At some moment in
your life you may have found extra change in a drink machine
or phone booth. Many folks check those coin boxes when they walk by.

Think of the moment, how neat it felt, when you found free
money. It was a treat! In that moment, you created a joy a
pure love vibration.

The 5 and Dime Millions Game is simply about giving that
feeling to someone, whom you don’t know, and from a place
that you don’t feel lack.

This is about changing our mind around money. When we
have an abundance of anything, we by nature share it with
others. We Do!

As we place coins in drink machines and other places, we are
telling ourselves we have more than enough, and we want to
share it. Consciousness does not care if it’s a quarter or a
$50.00 Bill. It only reacts to the vibration, the emoting we put
out. And it gives back to us, double.

Other ways to give money away which reflect back to us in
vibration is in being a good tipper. Or leaving your
housekeeper an unexpected $50 or $20 dollar bill, or giving
your sister a $100.00 bill, just for the fun of it!

If, as we are reading this simple exercise, and in need of
money, but have a challenge with thinking about putting ‘free
money’ for someone to discover, we need to ask ourselves
‘why’ are we holding onto thoughts of lack around money at
such a minimal amount. If we can’t find it in our hearts to
make someone’s day by having them find a coin or two in a
coin machine, then how do we think we are going to allow the
flow of the money we keep saying we want? It won’t happen.
We have to open ourselves up and we do that by first noticing
how we have closed ourselves off.

It’s simple: Give a Little To Get A Lot. Watch!

(It’s Not About The Cash, Stash, Is About The Vibration!)

1. Give money away. Start with something that will not be
intimidating anyone, nor cause anyone to feel like they are
holding back due to whatever human reasons we come up

2. So….For 3 Days  promise/intend and commit to putting
money in the change portals of coin machines. (Drink
machines/Pay Telephones etc.)

3. If you are someone who is housebound/office bound or life
events keep you from going out and finding coin operated
machines, then take out the phone book. Look up any random
address and place money in an envelope. And DO not put
your return address on it. Just send Money Honey! It can be
coins, just tape them to a piece of paper.

4. You can even send money to others through various online
outlets like paypal. People will know the sender if you do this,
but that does not matter. Anytime someone receives money
from anyone, just *because*……creates a wonderful feeling
for both the giver and receiver. And this is ALL about Good
Vibrations around Money!

5. Since money is an important aspect of our Businesses as
well as Livelihoods and Lifestyles then the better we feel
around money, then the more opportunities and events around
our businesses also open up and expand.

Giving away money, quite often due to the Law of The Circle,
may stimulate an idea or opportunities from ourselves or
someone else, that in turn will bring more revenue to our
This is also a GREAT Tool for Children!

Start Small and Watch for Big Returns.

To Us All and Power Manifesting!
Love Susan
Summary and Adding Statements If it Feels Good..!

WRITE the below statements on a piece of paper at least
1X, each of the 3 Days.

a. I intend to really have money flowing to me.
b. I intend to give some money away over the next 3 days.

(Then READ them outloud at least 1X as you write them.)

WRITE at least 1X each day.

I intend to receive an abundance of money from an
unexpected source this week.

Then READ it outloud at least 1X.

Find Money Portals for others to *find* money and put
money in those portals.

Copyright/5AndDimeMillions/The Money Flow Game /
Susan James/Vast Five Productions  www.vastfive.com

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