Manifesting 101 Self- Study Course
Manifesting 101 :User Friendly Physics orHow to Get What You Want w/o Goofing it Up First ! Outline:Manifesting 101: The Self Study Course(by Susan James)Week #1: Basic Understanding of the Mechanics of Energy, Spirit, God,Consciousness, Cosmic Flow & Universe. How to Use Themin the Design of Our Li...
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Manifesting 101 :User Friendly Physics or
How to Get What You Want w/o Goofing it Up First !

Manifesting 101: The Self Study Course
(by Susan James)

Week #1:

Basic Understanding of the Mechanics of Energy, Spirit, God,
Consciousness, Cosmic Flow & Universe. How to Use Them
in the Design of Our Lives and Lifestyle.

There is an energy working in and around us all of the time.
This energy is given many names: Cosmic Flow, God, Spirit,
Consciousness & or Universe.

The first week acts as an introduction to the series focusing on:

1. Understanding how we may use this energy in the design of
our lives and livelihoods.

2. How to use it on purpose in molding our lives, versus our
life circumstances and events showing up in default.

3.Applying The Mechanics of what is really behind the words,
focus, intention and imagination.

4.How to use this understanding on purpose so that the design
of our lives and lifestyle flow to us, instead of us chasing it in
struggle and frustration.

5. General understanding of “User Friendly Physics” (how to
get what we want without goofing it up first !)

6. Three Questions will be asked as to the commitment level to
one’s potential, as it applies to this course.

7.Example essays for deeper application in story form of how
user friendly physics *works* are provided.

Week #2:

The Mechanics of Writing Words, What is in That?

1. Why the physical act of writing is important.

2.Breaking down the mechanics so that a new understanding
becomes applied knowledge in designing ones life experience
as one intends it to be.

3.Clarity of Focus and Imagination will be introduced.

4.Example of the difference in manifesting something while
teaching a new level of skill development.

5.Understanding the mechanics of why Lee Iacocca and
Richard Branson (Virgin Companies) constantly wrote their
intentions in long hand.

6. Assignment: Student writes an intention based on the
manifestation of a red car, example. Essay example also
given, and is experience driven.

Week #3:

Imagination As A Tool

1.Discussion: Imagination changes our vibration & frequency.

2.What is a *vibration* & *frequency* and what does it mean
to manifesting things we want?

3. Understanding how to move to higher vibrations and
frequencies and how this is similar to tuning into a radio
station in receiving what you choose for your life.

4. Assignment: Ultra Focus Intensive Writing Exercise with
Clarity of Intention. This Exercise will carry over into
week #4.

Week #4:

Affirmations/Mantras/Prayers: The Mechanics

1.Becoming Clear on this as a tool for the design of ones Life

2. Understanding the vibrations and frequencies that are heard
on a cellular level.

3. How this understanding helps in design of ones life and
events on purpose.

4.Answering the question: Is there a wrong way to affirm or
pray, which brings us less than we are choosing?

5.Exercise: Continuing of Week 3 with the addition of the
writings in 3’s exercise.


Upon completion of Manifesting 101 the student:

1. Will have developed an understanding of how desires and
intentions for ones life may be designed on purpose rather
than through default or re-action.

2. The Student will understand and begin to develop the skills
associated with the energies behind focus and intent and
imagination, why they work, and how we mis-create in our
lives by not understanding the mechanics of these tools.

(The Why Behind; Lee Iacocca and Richard Branson’s
(Virgin Companies) writing in long hand every day)

3. Will know which tools help with manifesting and why they
help, and bring us things in momentum.

4. Understanding how desires and goals and intentions can
flow to us, instead of us chasing them.

5. There is a mechanics of Energy behind pen and paper. The
student will begin to understand this and use it as

Publisher: Vast Five / 426 Writer, LLC
Publication Year: 2011
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