Manifesting 102 Self Study Course:

More of How To Get What You Want w/o Goofin' It Up First! (Manifesting Courses by Susan James)

Manifesting 102 Self-Study CourseUser Friendly Physics or How to GetWhat You Want w/o Goofing it Up First !(By Susan James)OutlineSection #1Fear & Insecure MomentsThis Section begins the second in a series of 3 in ManifestingHow-To’s, as students begin to get clear on their desires, andhow the ene...
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About the Book

Manifesting 102 Self-Study Course
User Friendly Physics or How to Get
What You Want w/o Goofing it Up First !
(By Susan James)


Section #1
Fear & Insecure Moments

This Section begins the second in a series of 3 in Manifesting
How-To’s, as students begin to get clear on their desires, and
how the energy begins to move and shift. This energy shifting
sometimes shows up in fearful and insecure moments.

Section #2
What is Calibration? And How Can You Use It to Manifest?

Section #3
Money: How Is It Manifested?

Section #4
Molding Energy with Your Higher Self/Soul


Upon Completion of Manifesting 102 the participant:

1. Will understand what fearful, insecure & doubtful
moments really are, and how to see them from an energy
standpoint versus an emotional one.

2. Develop an understanding of the differences between lower
energy and higher energy, and how one manifests with
momentum from a higher energy place.

3. Further understanding of the importance of Clarity in
stating one’s desires, so that the desire is matched with what
the student thinks they are asking for.

4. Will begin to see and notice when they fall out of
alignment with what they say they are asking for, and what to
do about it.

5. Will develop an understanding of money as a resource,

how to manifest it from the aspect of it being a resource &
how to ask for it, with clarity.

6. At this point, the student if not already will become aware
of the larger aspects of themselves and how to use this larger
aspect for manifesting a life experience of one’s choosing
versus one not chosen. There is a pure energy to be tapped
into from this point, and the student is now receiving some
insight on their own in this area.

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