Castles #12 Q/A From Reader: How Long Does It Take? (sj)

Castles – The Newsletter (Issue #12)
(by Susan James)

Issue #12 of Castles-The Newsletter is Out !

The Theme of Issue #12 of Castles-The Newsletter revolves
around two questions sent by a newsletter subscriber:

(Question and Answer from Castle Subscriber)
How Long Do I Use The Swords, and How Long Before We
See Results?  (by Susan James)

(Question #1)
For how many days do you suggest that we do the various
tools like ‘The Sword of Three’s’ or the ‘Sword in The Stone’

(Question #2)
How long does it take for most people before they see a shift
in their finances or whatever they are intending?

Word Count: 1139     Full Document: 6 Pages
Primary Essay: 3 pages

And those on the Castle’s Newsletter List, also received,
unannounced to the public, these Castle-Speed topics (in
addition to Castles w/Benefits. (Meaning, you missed em’ and
you missed even hearing about them!)

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Belief: Melting Steel Into Butter
Eleven Words For Manifestation Success
The One-Two Approach
Practice Equals Leverage
Dissolving The Loop of Limitation
Me and Ryan Reynolds/Update 5AndDime
And..How I “Practice”
The Sword of Three’s
(Done Deal Style)
The Mirror and The Practice
The Sufficient Impression
Secrets In My Socks
A Done Deal Success Story (He Got The Job!)
Feeling vs Emotion
(Knowing The Difference, Makes ALL The Difference!)

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