Castles #27 Advanced-Still Doin’ It Backwards w/Old Structures? (Susan James)

CastlesButtonsNL27Castles – ADVANCED-The Newsletter (Issue #27)  (by
Susan James)

Still Doin’ It Backwards w/Old Structures?
(by Susan James)

Description This Issue:   The Theme of Issue #27 of
Castles-ADVANCED The Newsletter:

Highlights from this issue:

There have been 2 primary driving forces of my own study
and expansion.

One of them bares the title of this Newsletter as well as the
forthcoming book. The other driving force has been the
question… How is it already there for us? That one had
stumped me for some time.

I’d read all of the rhetoric, but it would never compute to
where I could understand it enough to apply it. Finally…It has.

Castles, as we move through the ongoing issues, deals with
our conscious decision to apply higher methods to our
physical lives. This issue #27 gives further explanation as to
the benefits of same.

(Based on Susan’s recent book, The Done Deal and her
upcoming book, Castles and Buttons, Billions or Bane (How
to Have Everything by Doing Nothing)

Primary Essay Word Count: 1242
Total  Document Length: 6 pages
Primary Essay: 3 pages

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