Castles #83 Operating On High Beam



Castle’s Issue #83 is Out!
(Susan James)

(Excerpt from 3 page essay issue #83)


Primary Essay Themes Issue #83
-Operating On High Beam
-The Light Fantastic
-Skills to Make Magic
-Benefits of Expanded Consciousness
-Grabbing The Light Tail Instead of The Tiger’s Tail.
-Supernatural Abilities
-Consistency of Success
-How Did I Really ‘KNOW’ Life Was To Be Easier?
-Susan’s High Beam

There’s a truck commercial which asks the question ‘which
would you prefer when needing to cut a board: A Hand Saw
or A Power Saw?’ And of course all of the 4 fellows in the
commercial answered ‘power saw’. The point they were
wanting to convey, was when you needed power and ease,
why not choose the more powerful truck?

The same can be asked in relation to our manifestation skills,
our desire fulfilment skills.
When we need or want to manifest something, be it a material
desire or an experience, there are many shouda’s and
oughta’s. It’s part of mainstream how-to’s that to have
something fulfilled, or reach a goal, it takes a lot of ‘hard
work’ and a long time and 10,000 hours to reach tipping
points, and of course sacrifice.

Where’s the magic in that?
(End excerpt)

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