Castles-ADV #24 Must-Ness of Making Our Dreams Come True (by Susan James)

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Why We Must Make Our Dreams Come True (and Oh, Yes How to Do It In The Easiest Way)
(by Susan James)

Details on This Issue #24…keep readin’below!

Castles – ADVANCED-The Newsletter (Issue #24)
(by Susan James)

Why We Must Make Our Dreams Come True
(and Oh, Yes How to Do It In The Easiest Way)
(by Susan James)

Highlights from this issue:

Stated in its simplest form there are 3 ways humans manifest
things, be it wanted or unwanted.

1. Human Level of Thought Projection with little or no higher
awareness of how things really work.

2. Studies of Higher Methods but still applying them from the
Human Level of Thought Projection.

3. Becoming Aware of What The Ideal, Best of The Best,
Perfect Way of Having Complete Wealth and Happiness in
The Material World and How We Bring It Forth Into Our
Physical Lives; as well as What This Has To Do With The
Divine Plan.

Castles, as we move through the ongoing issues, deals with
#3. This issue #24 explains the importance in making our
dreams come true, not only for us as individuals, but for
humanity at large.

(Based on Susan’s recent book, The Done Deal and her
upcoming book, Castles and Buttons, Billions or Bane (How
to Have Everything by Doing Nothing)

Primary Essay Word Count: 983
Total  Document Length: 6 pages
Primary Essay: 2.5 pages

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