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Issue #1   
Castles-Buttons The Same, But How?
How Do We Begin Having Our Castles and not settling for the Buttons?
An Example of How I’ve Used The Ideal

Issue #2
How The Poorer Become The Perpetual Richer
(On Being The One Percenter)

Issue #3
Profusion Abundance
(The Opposite of The Other Shoe Dropping)

Issue #4
The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made
(And I Made It Three Times)

Issue #5
The Opposite of Limited is Not Un-Limited

Issue #6
High Levels of Success Unmerited and Unearned
(How to Get It)

Issue #7
No Longer Available

Issue #8
When The Ton of Bricks Becomes An Avalanche
(And What To Do About It)

Issue #9
The Golden Platter and The Million Dollar Subdivision
(The How To) (by Susan James)

Issue #10
Prime Rib or Mystery Meat?
(A Simple Way to See How We Can Get More of What We Want)

Issue #11
Incipient Desire Fulfillment and Higher Time
(PLUS an Example of The Done Deal at ‘Work’)
A Done Deal Example From My Beginning Days of Understanding How
To Best Use My Inner Space for Desire Fulfillment. (Susan James)

Issue #12
How Long Do I Use The Swords, and How Long Before We See Results?

Issue #13
The Golden Parachute vs The Golden Wheelbarrow
(Gone Money vs Found Money: The Two Promises

Issue #14
The Walking Pages
Excerpted from The Quantum Manifesting Accelerated Course (QMX)
Quantum Manifesting Accelerated: Sword Statements

Issue #15
The Learning Curve of Not Having To Do Anything For Desire

(The Done Deal of Rebels and Risk Takers)
-The Only Pre-Destination is This…

Issue #16
The Allowing Piece of Manifestation
(How to Know If You Are Doing It Correctly)
An Example Based On Allowing of How to Make Things Happen Faster (sj)

Issue #17
Choice vs Desire In Manifestation-When Trying IS Enough!
(Knowing the Difference, Makes All THE Difference!)

Issue #18
Martha Stewart vs Honey Boo Boo On Success
(How To Succeed If You Didn’t Have Martha Stewart’s,
Dad or Honey Boo Boo’s Mom for Parents) (by Susan James)

Issue #19
The Magic Wall + The Magic Wall List = The Done Deal
(Castles: The Reason We Can Get What We Want Void of Work or Effort)

Issue #20
From Ease to Easier to Automatic: The 3 Phases
(The System for Castles and Buttons)       

Issue #21
Proclivity and Done Deal Timing
(How to Run Into Your Fulfilled Desire/Money Idea,  More Sooner Than Later)

Issue #22
The Magic Pill of Limitless (The Recipe for Grandeur)
(Success and Vibratory Lock Beyond The Law of Attraction)

Issue #23
Beyond Hokie to Understanding
(It Sure Sounds Hokie, But It Sure Does Work!)
Issue #24
Why We Must Make Our Dreams Come True
(and Oh, Yes How to Do It In The Easiest Way)

Issue #25
Wave of Supply
Why The De-Greaser Works
Being a Yes Girl Brought Me a Yes Concert

Issue #26
The Story of The Done Deal, Pen
(Desire Fulfillment, Void of Work or Effort)

Issue #27
Still Doin’ It Backwards w/Old Structures?

Issue #28
Castles Full Circle
(How Fairy Tales Can Come True)

Issue #29
Four Steps To Higher Manifestation In Spite of Difficult Relationships
The Excitement of The Higher Skill Set

How do we begin? How do we re-start? How do we Re-Set ourselves
from a lower place where we doubted our level of success, accomplishment,
health and wealth?

MORE on The Practice

Issue #30
Spoiled, But Not Rotten
(The Importance of Discovering The Sting)

Issue #31
Take A Pill (The Intent Pill)
(How To Expand Into What You Want, When You Are
In The Middle of Experiencing What You Don’t Want.)   

Issue #32
Grace And The Genie
(It’s Not Magic, It’s A Skill)
How I Practice (sj)
Issue #33
Ask And Investigate = Automatic Desire Fulfillment
(The High 5-Five / My Genie Plan)
A Shortcut to Easy and Automatic (sj)
Issue #34
How To Make It Easy (sj)
Secret Thoughts-Secrets In My Socks (sj)

Issue #35
The Ideal Stage
(Gestation vs Waiting)
(by Susan James)
And Then This Happened (sj)
Issue #36
Effects of Powerful Decisions
The 3 Basic Rich Baby Steps
A Short Example from My Experience
$$$ An Easy Money Tip That Works! $$$

Issue #37
Dissecting The Fast Track To Desire Fulfillment
How I Wrote Out A Desire I Wanted Fulfilled And It  Worked!

Issue #38
Achieving Unconditional Abundance
Unconditional Abundance and Grace. It’s the only viewpoint to aspire to!

Issue #39
The Mechanism of Financial Abundance
The Yes Machine To Desire Fulfillment
Momentum to Desire Fulfillment?
The Fine Line Between Eagerness and Resistance

Issue #40Stretching Our Voice And Expanding Our Money
How To Reach The Done Deal Emotional State
(Getting Out of A Jam While Expanding My Light Energy into a More Powerful Place)

Issue #41
How to Create From The Highest Non-Doing Place
Update on ‘Secrets In My Socks’

Issue #42
Activating The Dream
(How to Easily Activate Our Dream Fulfillment)
An Example From My Own Life/Update On Secrets In
My Socks

Issue #43
Using Branson and Trump to Expand
Understanding Castle’s and Buttons As The Same
(Seeing Appreciation in a Different Light)

Issue #44
How and Why To Choose The Best of The Best
(The Higher Meaning of The Tree of Knowledge)

How Can We Apply This To Desire Fulfillment?

Issue #45
The Done Deal Future Pull
More Specifically…
Update On Secrets In My Socks

Issue #46
Asking And The Future-Tell
What are The Basics in helping us through the
One-Two phase?

Issue #47
Getting to Automatic and Effortlessness
(As Applied to Business and Entrepreneurship)
(The Case for Daydreaming and Imagination)
(Examples from Susan’s Business)

Issue #48
The Difference Between Acquiring Money and Creating
Blasting The Barriers to Money Flow
How To Take Our Power Back From The Relationship,
From Lack Of Money
Finding The Place of Non-Interference of Having What
We Want
How To Give Ourselves Permission? (This Is The
‘Allowing’ Thing.)
How To Melt Our Limitations, And Become Limitless
Allowing More Money by Noticing How We Think About

Issue #49
-Intending From The Knowing State
(Operating From Natural Law)

Issue #50
5 Ways to Move Our Lives Towards Abundance
Understanding ‘There is No Poverty’
Why Having and Not Having Are The Same
Becoming In Tune w/The Higher Law of

Issue #51
The Easy Way To Win
(Applications are Universal to Finances, Health,

Issue #52
High Risk-High Rewards
The Art of Expectation
(And What The Foo-Fighters Have To Do w/It)

Issue #53
The Law of The Done Deal
(And How to Use It)

Issue #54
-Giving Direction vs Setting Goals for Desire
Fulfillment (One is So Much Easier Than The
-Examples of Success in Higher Methods
-How To Open The Door To Boundless Supply
-Envisioning w/o Having To Sit And Do It
-How To Get What You Want w/o Setting All Those
-Use The Grocery List Method for Business Success
-The Easiest Way Is The Best Way

Issue #55
♦The Higher Reason To Create Personal Wealth♦

(This issue of Castle’s was inspired by a recent
ComediansInCarsGettingCoffee, staring Jerry Seinfeld
and Jon Stewart, where they discussed
The AMC Gremlin and The Broke and Innocent.)

Issue #56
♦Becoming The CEO of Light and Happiness♦
♦Understanding and Using Light As Our Supply♦
♦The Wonder Beyond Using Our Imagination♦
♦Achieving Higher Levels of Happiness w/o Having To Do Anything♦.
♦How To Draw Forth Blessings Ahead of Time♦

Issue #57
♦Take The Jar Up The Hill♦
♦Flashback to Circumstances Do Not Matter♦
♦The Good Grid♦
♦The Fix Is In The Degreaser♦
♦What If The Pen Is To Heavy?♦

Issue #58
♦Nothing is Hard Work..Nothing, And Why♦
♦Anchoring The Zone♦
♦Do You Believe Your Words?♦
♦Hidden Tools of Imagination♦
♦How To Increase Our Belief Level♦
♦The High Five, Higher 5♦
(How to Connect w/Higher Energy In Five Minutes)

Issue #59
Building Belief in The Midst of Turmoil
(The Magic Is In The Words)
Essence vs Manifestation
(And Then This Happens / Susan’s Primary Statement)

Issue #60
The Power of Precipitation (Using True Vision)
How The Qualification of Our Own Mind
Determines The Speed and Success of Our
Appreciation and Thankfulness vs Recognition
True Visualization and What Happens When We Do It?
Susan’s Recent Example (Not Lifting a Finger,
Only Needing A Thought)
(Using a concept vs placing a mental image of sorts)

Issue #61
Need a New or Fresh Start?
Re-Charge-Re-Do and Advance Into MORE
Two Things We Have to Be Willing To Do
(Some Reminders)

Issue #62
Increasing The Speed of Manifestation
(Learning From Hindsight)
Blessings vs Thankfulness
(The Difference and What The Difference Makes)

Issue #63
Knowing The Vibrational Reality is Enough
How To Expect With Enthusiasm
Coffee with The Gods / More of Better
How Things We Envision Come Into Our Experience
Fine Tuning Dreamland
Don’t Lose Hope, Gain Understanding

Issue #64
Finding What’s Hidden
(The Monster Under The Bed)

Issue #65
Gold in The Other Rooms
(How to Spend The Gold)
How I Get My Gold

Issue #66
Understanding Illusion
Constructive Answers From The Universe (Example)
True Action and False Action
Knowledge of Only GoodNess
The Ease of Abundance and Prosperity Showing Up
The Law of The ONE

Issue #67
The Promise of The Bounty
Believe in The Fairy Tale
How to Believe in The Fairy Tale, When We Don’t Yet

Issue #68
Electrons and Puppies for Manifestation
The Real Reason We Are Not To Talk About Our Desires To Others

Issue #69
How To Convince Yourself It’s Yours
(When It Feels More Like a Castle Than A Button)
Coffee With The Gods
Things I Don’t Need To Do So Much Of Anymore

Issue #70
Still Can’t Like It?
(When You Just Can’t Get Over ‘Not Liking It’.)
(When You Just Can’t Be Thankful)
(About That Being Thankful When You Can’t Find a Way to Feel Thankful)
How Using Mental Images Gives Us The Path To Our Done Deals
(Susan’s Example From Her Livelihood)
Project Updates

Issue #71
The I AM and Financial Independence
Tomatoes and The Three Billionaires
Project Updates

Issue #72
The Correct Use of Spiritual Technology
(Opening The Floodgates On Supply)
How I Practice
Expanded Direction of Castle’s

Issue #73
Mastering The Ideal
(Why We Don’t Need Plans)
What Happens As Our Consciousness Moves Higher?

Issue #74
Carol Burnett and Pipe Dreams (Got One?)
Excitement Plus Anticipation Equals Expectation.
Effortless Fun
Expecting Goodness as a Choice and Option
Susan’s Pipe Dream

Issue #75
Sandra Bullock & The New Road
-Is It Time to Re-Invent Yourself?
-Why We MUST Choose The Castles of Our Lives
-Great Abundance NEEDS Our Castles

Issue #76
(It Takes THIS to Have The Force and Be Able To USE IT)
Susan’s Personal Notes For Growth and Expansion
(How I’ve Used This Information)

Issue #77
The Ambition of Achieving One Thought Creation
The Benefits of Choosing Higher Ground-Higher Standards
(Defies Logic and Authority)
Benefits of Thought Games
The Wisdom of Billy Bob Thornton

Issue #78
The Fire Letters and Manifestation
-Asking and Other Higher Tools of Action
Accomplishment and Clarity for The New Year

Issue #79
-The Greatest Magnet of All
(And How To Access It and Use It)
-The Importance of Having More Light
-The Difference Between Prayer and Decrees
-What Releases The Power of Higher Light?
-The Overall Higher Intention
-Largesse Abundance (What it Is and How to Have It)
-Richard Branson and The Fire Letters

Issue #80
-The Reason Behind Dreaming BIG!
(Using The Vacuum To Make Our Dreams Come True)
-Do You Celebrate Your Expectations?

Issue #81
-From Out of Bounds to Boundaries Have Been Moved
-The Higher We Go (In Light Energy) The Easier It All Gets
-The Overall Goal of Creation (Delight)

Issue #82
-A Strategy for Believing You Have It (Strategy for Belief)
-How to Allow (What is Vibrational Acceptance?)
-The Difference Between Higher and Lower Cause and Effect
-Vibrational Allowing Sets Things In Motion Automatically
-Ease and Automatic Happens At The Higher Levels of Light Energy Use
-Our Lower Mind is The Last To Know What We Want
-How Possibilities Move Into Probabilities
-The Last Piece of Our Desire Fulfilment Puzzle.
-Some Statements to Assist With Shifting Your Belief In Having
-Which is Better…. Saving or Getting? And Why?
-A Quick Start Swords of Three

Issue #83
Operating On High Beam
The Light Fantastic
Skills to Make Magic
Benefits of Expanded Consciousness
Grabbing The Light Tail Instead of The Tiger’s
Supernatural Abilities
Consistency of Success
How Did I Really ‘KNOW’ Life Was To Be Easier?
Susan’s High Beam

Issue #84
Higher Tools of Desire Fulfillment
-Believing vs Knowing
(Use of Imagination Builds The Knowing)
-The Law of Imagery-Images Create Images
-Let The Image Live
-What Are You Looking Forward To?
(Are You Really Expecting It?)
-A Higher Visualization Tool
-Do You Believe or Do You Know Imagination Works?

Issue #85
-Watching The Benefits of Higher Methods Play Out
-How To Become Non-Effected By Events Around Us
-How To Be Pro-Active In Desire Fulfillment
-The Most Powerful Action
-Wanting and Getting Without The Tension
-Getting To Effortlessness, The Effortless Way
-How to Build Our Knowing
-The Factors That Directly Effect The Impact For Chosen
-Two Purposes of Imagination

Issue #86
-Non-Linear, Non-Ordinary vs SUPERNATURAL
-Are You Doing The Inner Plane Methods To
Produce The Outer World Experience ?
-The ONLY Rule
-When We Begin Waking Up, The Side Of Us Which
Consciously Knows Only Good And Pleasurable Things,
Occupies The Majority Of Our Experience.
-(Waking up=Becoming More Aware of How
Consciousness Is and How To Use It)
-How Impressionable Are You From The Higher
-Some of Susan’s Higher Practices

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