Castle’s – ADVANCED Newsletter
by Susan James

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NOTICE! Castle’s ADVANCED ends it’s Subscription at 100 Issues.
Watch for The Castles Buttons Book Based On The Newsletter!

Castles-The Newsletter is An Advanced Level of Higher
Mechanics Dedicated To Assisting Others In Feeling Happy
99% of the Time While Fulfilling Desires Easily and

This Subscription Based Newsletter was based on Susan’s Most
Recent Book, The Done Deal and her upcoming book,
‘CASTLES And Buttons / Billions or Bane (How To Have
Everything by Doing Nothing)

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Upcoming Themes:
-There are No Mysteries, No Secrets, There is Only
Understanding, Implementation and Validation of The One
True Law.
-What is Automatic Action?
-What really links us with Omnipotence?
-The System of Gifts – Fast Tracked
-What gives us the power over all conditions and
-How can we change things in The Twinkling Of An Eye?
-What opens up the floodgates on abundance and supply?
-What affects the linear time delivery, when there is really no
such thing as time?
-Bricks without Straw (The Magic of turning the impossible
into fulfillment)
-The Choice Factor Fully Engaged
-How to Buffer and Protect Yourself From Conditions and
Circumstances While Expanding Into Your Dreams Coming
-Proving The Law of Abundance
-Proving The Ideal
-Proving Aladdin’s Lamp
-Automatic Manifestation
-Profusion Abundance
-Fusion, How to Use It For Desire Fulfillment
-Having Everything Easier, Faster
-Impacting Immediate Movement
-Higher Velocity Vibration (What It Means and How
To Get It)
-And……….MORE ! Some issues will be similar to
‘Course Material’.

Best Success for Absolutely Everything!
Susan James
Personal Development w/A Twist; Stirred But Not Shaken.
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