Castles & Buttons (Book Release!)

Castles & Buttons Book Release
(How to Have Everything by Doing Nothing)
Advanced Higher Mechanics
(by Susan James)

The newly released Castle’s & Buttons Book Series is based
on Susan James philosophy of “The Truth Does Not Bend,
But Our Use of It Allows Us To Bend Everything.” as well as
a quotation from writer, Paulo Coelho: “It’s only those who
are persistent and willing to study things deeply, who achieve
the Master Work.”

‘Castles & Button’s theme is to reflect James overall intent of
what using higher law can do for one and all in areas of
finances, health and lifestyle.’ Among the many areas covered

-Creating Castles is Just as Easy and Creating Buttons
-Making Bricks without Straw. (Achieving the Impossible)
-It’s Already There For You (How Can This Be?)
-How to Have Everything Without Doing Anything.

Castle’s & Books is a 4 part Series available on Amazon’s
Kindle as well as in PDF and Epub.

Castles & Books (Introduction) $2.99
Parts One, Two, Three ($4.99 each)

For Details and Sample Chapters please visit these sites and as
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Susan James!

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