Castles Issue #19 Magic Wall + Magic Wall List = Done Deal (sj)


Castles – The Newsletter (Issue #19)  (by Susan James)

The Magic Wall + The Magic Wall List = The Done Deal
(Castles: The Reason We Can Get What We Want Void of
Work or Effort) (by Susan James)



Description This Issue:
The Theme of Issue #19 of Castles-The Newsletter:
The purpose of this writing is to address the incorrect
assumption about ‘doing’ as applied through the
understanding of these three 3 tenets:


♦ I Sent you to reap where on ye bestowed no labor
(John 4:38)
♦And as we control our inner talking, matching it to our
fulfilled desires, then we simply act by imagination and
intention. (Neville)
♦The Word Became Flesh (John 1:14)

We are basically being told from the higher realms, Stop
doing all that stuff that you think you need to be doing in
order to get what you want.  AND stop reading about having
to do all that stuff to have what you want!

As we understand and apply the above 3 statements, we find
how to have everything by doing nothing.

(Based on Susan’s recent book, The Done Deal and her
upcoming book, Castles and Buttons, Billions or Bane (How
to Have Everything by Doing Nothing)

Total Word Count: 1622
Primary Essay Word Count: 1506
Total  Document Length: 6
Primary Essay: 3 pages

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