Castles Issue #21 Proclivity and Done Deal Timing (Susan James)


Castles – The Newsletter (Issue #21)  (by Susan James)

Proclivity and Done Deal Timing
(How to Run Into Your Fulfilled Desire/Money Idea,
 More Sooner Than Later)  (by Susan James)





Highlights from this issue:
<> Doing and Action are not the same thing as perceived from
higher law.
<> How linear time is actually judgment, which is lower resistant
<> The only timing mechanism we need to be concerned with.
<> It’s Done Deal Timing.
<> How do we combine Proclivity and Done Deal timing to
bring us what we want?
<> What I did when my first home didn’t work out the way I
wanted. And this was before I started applying higher
methods. It wasn’t pretty.
<> Why I depend only on higher law.
<> How do we get from all of the doing, the frustration, the stop
and start to the ease of our desire fulfillment just popping into
our experience?
<> The Thought Creates Itself. The Thought of It Does The

(Based on Susan’s recent book, The Done Deal and her
upcoming book, Castles and Buttons, Billions or Bane (How
to Have Everything by Doing Nothing)

Primary Essay Word Count: 1553
Total  Document Length: 6 pages
Primary Essay: 3 pages

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