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CastlesGridPractice3Issue #76 of Castles Advanced Newsletter is Out !
Castles – ADVANCED-The Newsletter (Issue #76)
(by Susan James)

(It Takes THIS to Have The Force and Be Able To

♦Susan’s Personal Notes For Growth and
Expansion♦ (by Susan James)

In order to use The Gift of The Force we MUST first
be both consciously aware of the fact that we have
this power, AND understand the workings of the
power and from where it comes, what it is, and how
we may consciously, on purpose use IT for our

This comes through applied study, comprehension,
understanding and assistance from on high based on
our commitment to such things.

Meaning..we can’t just read about it. We have to
become an Outlet For IT. It is given, but we must
understand what IT is we have been given.
Otherwise, it’s like giving a baby the key to start the
spaceship, and they have no idea what a Key is.

Applying and Understanding things of this nature is
often the difference between it taking many thoughts
or one thought to produce a fulfilled desire and or
not having it fulfilled at all. (Susan James)

This issue #76 for Subscribers of Castles comes from some
of my personal notes which have assisted me in the above:

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