CastlesADV #85 Most Powerful Action / Getting2Knowing (sj)



 Castles Issue #85 is Out!
 (Susan James)



Primary Essay Themes
-Watching The Benefits of Higher Methods Play Out
-How To Become Non-Effected By Events Around Us
-How To Be Pro-Active In Desire Fulfillment
-The Most Powerful Action
-Wanting and Getting Without The Tension
-Getting To Effortlessness, The Effortless Way
-How to Build Our Knowing
-The Factors That Directly Effect The Impact For Chosen
-Two Purposes of Imagination

(An Excerpt from This Issue)
Delightful Circumstances in all things is what we need to
understand is our birthright. It’s the way things are
designed for us. We can make it hard or easy to realize
this level of living. Or we can never get there at all.

If you are ‘struggling’ in any aspect of your life. Ask
yourself: ‘Am I using the inner plane, the higher tools,
which will lift me to ease and happiness?’ And to clarify,
this ease shows up in our money life, our health and our
relationships. It’s all energy and consciousness. It’s all
there for us to mold as we choose.

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