Castle’sADV#74 Carol Burnett & Pipe Dreams (GotOne?)


Issue #74 of Castles Advanced Newsletter is Out !
Castles – ADVANCED-The Newsletter (Issue #74)
(by Susan James)



Themes This Issue:

♦Carol Burnett and Pipe Dreams (Got One?)♦
-Excitement Plus Anticipation Equals Expectation.
-Effortless Fun
-Expecting Goodness as a Choice and Option
-Susan’s Pipe Dream

AND to peak your interest further, here is an excerpt
from the next Issue #75:

Throw The (High) Ball
(How to Successfully Focus Higher for Easy, Effortless
Results) (Beyond The Done Deal) (by Susan James)
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The Primary Theme of (Paid Subscription Based Castles
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Law vs Man Made Law. It is within this contest that our
lives are fullfiled in easier more successful and
accomplished ways.

Here’s the basics of the Advanced Castle’s Newsletter:

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3. Other things that I use personally for my own expansion,
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