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Issue #78 of Castles Advanced Newsletter is Out !

Issue #78
The Fire Letters and Manifestation
-Asking and Other Higher Tools of Action
Accomplishment and Clarity for The New Year

AND Issue #77 went out as well!

Issue #77
The Ambition of Achieving One Thought Creation
The Benefits of Choosing Higher Ground-Higher
Standards (Defies Logic and Authority)
Benefits of Thought Games
The Wisdom of Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton to Lester (FARGO Series):
“Who said anything about a court of law. Your problem
is you spent your whole life thinking that there are rules,
there aren’t.”

Special Note About Issue #78 The Fire Letters and
Manifestation :
If you have read this far, thank you. BUT AND if you
have ever:

a. participated in any of the Susan James Courses where
we used ‘higher symbols and or fire letters’, and

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c. and put ‘Issue #78 marge’ in subject line.

I’ll then send you Issue #78 The Fire Letters and
Manifestation in PDF format.

Best and Splendid Success!
Susan James

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