CastlesADV#86 Non-Linear/Non-Ordinary/The Only Rule

Castles – ADVANCED-The Newsletter
(Issue #86) (by Susan James)

Castles Issue #86 is Out!
(Susan James)


Primary Essay Themes
-Non-Linear, Non-Ordinary vs SUPERNATURAL
-Are You Doing The Inner Plane Methods To
Produce The Outer World Experience ?
-The ONLY Rule
-When We Begin Waking Up, The Side Of Us Which
Consciously Knows Only Good And Pleasurable Things,
Occupies The Majority Of Our Experience.
-(Waking up=Becoming More Aware of How
Consciousness Is and How To Use It)
-How Impressionable Are You From The Higher
-Some of Susan’s Higher Practices

(An Excerpt from This Issue)
‘When and as we know that this direct power of the light
is available to us, why wouldn’t we make room in our
lives to understand it and how to use it for our benefit,
the ones we love and humanity at large?’ (sj)

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