CastlesADV#87 Johnny Drama’s Victory


Castles Advanced Newsletter #87 is OUT!
(by Susan James)

Primary Essay Themes
-Johnny Drama’s Victory and Manifestation
-Changing The Perspective of Who We Are
(So That We Become Who We Prefer To Be)

This issue talks about how Johnny Drama of Entourage fame,
finally achieved his victory and what we may learn from
‘Drama’. (It’s also the best acceptance speech EVER!)

Also, sometimes it helps for us to see from what perspective
we see ourselves, in order to expand from it and into where
we’d prefer to be.

(Acknowledgment: “Entourage” (HBO Series and
Film)Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) Eric Murphy (Kevin
Connolly), Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) Johnny Drama (Kevin
Dillion) Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) Director / Writer Doug Ellin /
Entourage /Warner Bros./ HBO / RatPac Entertainment)

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