Celebrating Facebook w/Ben and Jerry (sj)

Celebrating Facebook w/Ben and Jerry
(by Susan James)

Much of the fun of writing, at least for me, is also writing and
playing with the marketing of my writing. It’s all writing, in
some form or other.

For my newest release, ‘The Done Deal,’ I wanted to do some
new things, some things I hadn’t tried yet. And my hope was
that it would be user friendly.

A few weeks ago, I was able to design a Facebook Author
page for The Done Deal, but hadn’t quite figured out how or
when to try my hand at promoting the page. I know a little
about SEO, enough to know, I get a brain freeze over it.

However, Facebook makes it so easy to get started with your
own Ad, whether you have a book or another product or
service. Since I still was on shaky ground about how to do it, I
wanted to make sure I didn’t leave my credit card out to dry,
until I knew what I was doing. But there I was, ready, with my
credit card and set up a month of ‘time’ and then it would
automatically end.

I knew I could handle that, while trying to get better at
understanding what I was doing. I wanted some level of
control over the charge marge, until I got good at it.

And then it got even better.

Facebook Ads accept Paypal. I LOVE paypal.
Everything went so smoothly, and was so easy and so much
fun to do, that I decided to celebrate with Ben and Jerry.

It was late at night, and I even got in my car and drove to the
store to meet Ben and Jerry. Low and Behold, they were
priced at 2 for 1. I bought 2 of course.

There I was happily in front of my Facebook Ad page, with
all of the cool bells and whistles for stats, and  I LOVE stat
pages; while enjoying Ben and Jerry’s New York Super
Fudge Chunk.

And, even cooler, was when I went to check my stats on just
one day, it was AWESOME. Am I sold? YES!

There are so many great, easy and fun ways to let the world
know about what you have to offer, I’m glad that I’ve added
the Facebook Ads, in addition to using The Done Deal,  to
some of my ways!

Susan James

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