Golden Parachute vs Golden Wheelbarrow (Susan James)

Issue #13 of Castles-The Newsletter is Out!

The Golden Parachute vs The Golden Wheelbarrow
(Gone Money vs Found Money: The Two Promises)
(by Susan James)

Description This Issue:

The Theme of Issue #13 of Castles-The Newsletter revolves
around an alternative to consider in regard to all of the noise
of ‘cutting jobs, cutting benefits, cutting unemployment.’
Along with an option to no longer be affected by the noise
while having our desires of life and business fulfilled.

(Based on Susan’s recent book, The Done Deal and her
upcoming book, Castles (How to Have Everything by Doing

Total Word Count: 1323
Primary Essay Word Count: 1068
Total  Document Length: 6 pages
Primary Essay: 2.5 pages

And those on the Castle’s Newsletter List, also received,
unannounced to the public, these Castle-Speed topics (in
addition to Castles w/Benefits. (Meaning, you missed em’ and
you missed even hearing about them!)

How I Used The Done Deal De-Greaser for A Money Event.
Belief: Melting Steel Into Butter
Eleven Words For Manifestation Success
The One-Two Approach
Practice Equals Leverage
Dissolving The Loop of Limitation
Me and Ryan Reynolds/Update 5AndDime
And..How I “Practice”
The Sword of Three’s
(Done Deal Style)
The Mirror and The Practice
The Sufficient Impression
Secrets In My Socks
A Done Deal Success Story (He Got The Job!)
QA from Reader: How Long Does It Take?

Feeling vs Emotion
(Knowing The Difference, Makes ALL The Difference!)

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