High Levels of Success Unmerited and Unearned (How To Get It) (sj)

High Levels of Success Unmerited and Unearned
(How to Get It) (by Susan James)

The thing we all want, the underlying intention hidden behind all of our desires, is our development of the power, the force and the ease of its application in having whatever we want, choose and desire for our lives.

It’s the primary reason we have desire for better lives, some of which begins with simply
just wanting to survive. (I’ve been there, so I know.) As we get better at the skill, we bring our lives peace, wonder and new levels of lifestyle without all of the noise and the ‘work effort’.

Here is one of the primary reasons people have mis-understandings which keeps them at a level of lifestyle below what they would prefer to be living: ‘They hold on to the belief that we need to work hard for money which is in direct conflict with the belief that money gives us freedom.’
(End Excerpt)

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