How Hulu Helps Me w/My Writing Livelihood (sj)

How Hulu Helps Me With My Writing Livelihood
(by Susan James)

Anyone who understands how we get what we get, knows it’s
important to keep our minds in good feeling places.

There are so many things, fun things, entertaining things
calling us to watch see and do. So..we either need to be really
disciplined, which for many is not a good feeling thing, or
again, we operate within the higher laws that give us help.

I LOVE TV, Movies, Music, just like everyone, but gee trying
to keep up with all of the episodes, so that we don’t miss a
thing can be difficult, if we also are building our business
and brand.

My fun filled mind was starting to go off track as I was being
distracted with wanting to keep up with for instance, ‘Burn
Notice’..and then there’s all those great shows on ABC,
NBC, CBS and of course Starzz and HBO.

It all started to get to me because I was finding myself using
my writing time to find out what the heck was going on with
Burn Notice. This was hampening in the late morning.

And then along came Hulu Plus.
I’ve been a Netflix fan, still am, but with Hulu I’m able to
have my cake and eat it to.

I do know, that part of this showing up for me, was the
importance I attached to having fun in my own mind.
With Hulu I can keep up with all of my friends and secret
agents, and still get the things done in my writing world that
are also fun, effortless and productive.

This may sound like an ad for Hulu, but its more of an ad for
the importance of keeping our mind’s happy, and when we
have that as our intent, Everything, Everywhere shows up to
help us out!

Rock and Write!
To You Most Splendid Success!
Susan James

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