How Long Does It Take 2 Manifest?(sj)

On How Long Does It Take….(to Manifest)

Today’s Abraham-Hicks quote is this:
When people ask us how long does it take for something to
manifest, we say, “It takes as long as it takes you to release
the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be
50 years, could be a week. Could be tomorrow afternoon.”
—Abraham Excerpted from the workshop: Cleveland, OH on
July 11, 2000 Our Love, Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

AND…something that has worked for me to expedite
expansion from resistance is The Done Deal Degreaser…It’s
like FAMOUS!

THEN as we expand from all that resistance, most
certainly…things happen, easier and more quickly without all
the bumps and bruises along the way…

And speaking of Abraham-Hicks…Abraham was my 2nd
introduction to higher entities.. And from them I learned the
practice of pre-paving and the 15 min workshop, both of
which I use to this day. The main difference from then and
now, is that I don’t have to think about it, and I’ve had to
make up my own ways, means and games and such so that I
WOULD do it. Did and Done!

Oh..and The New A-H book with Wayne Dyer is excellent.
It’s a great reminder for those of us who’ve been around this
stuff a good while. And if you are new to this, it’s
AWESOME. (Co-Creating At It’s Best/Hicks and Dyer)

I originally was gonna get the paperback, but heck..I just
downloaded it the day it came out. It’s a short read, read it in
one sitting, in-between snacks and coffee of course!

Best and Awesome Success Everyone!
And Tonite, ‘The DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love Again! (Pitbull
and Usher)
Love Susan


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