How The Poorer Become The Perpetual Richer (Susan James)

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Issue #2 
How The Poorer Become  The Perpetual  Richer (On Being
The One Percenter)
  (by Susan James)

How The Poorer Become The Perpetual Richer (On Being The One Percenter) (by Susan James)

Did you ever wonder why when something good has come our way, or even the hope that something good was coming our way, we couldn’t seem to hold on to it?  Or something would happen, which would pull us off track to the thing we wanted? And we’d have to spend our time fixing some problem, instead of spending our time enjoying having the thing we wanted.

An extreme example would be lottery winners who did not yet have the consciousness of wealth so they would often lose what they had won, and or  created many problems for themselves that they wouldn’t be able to overcome. Meaning, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy their new found wealth. That would be  real bummer for them, to not enjoy new found wealth!

This is exactly why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It has to do with where we are in consciousness. We send out thoughts based on where we are in consciousness. And if we understand anything about how thought-energy works, then we understand the role of our own thought-base and its affect on our life experience. Wealthy people will remain wealthy and if they lose their wealth, they will quite often bounce back and have more wealth.  It is where they are in consciousness.

They are the 1% because of the base of their thought-energy, their consciousness. We are the 1% because of the base of our thought-energy, our consciousness.
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