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Susan James Manifestation Methods:
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The Magic Wall, Cavemen and Grocery Lists (The
Things They Have In Common) (Manifesting Skills)
(by Susan James)

In the book, “Creative Visualization” (Denning/Phillips) we
are reminded of how the early cavemen used visualization to
get what they wanted. What did they want? Food and shelter
mostly. Things haven’t really changed that much have they?

What did they do in order to easily visualize what they
wanted which began drawing to them the events which
produced food and shelter?

Answer: They drew pictures of what they wanted on the walls
of their cave. They drew pictures of animals they needed to
slay so that they could feed their family. They drew pictures
of new places they needed to find to live.

This is the exact same thing Hank Ramsan did in “The
Millionaire Maverick”. What did he do? He created a Magic
Wall. He also had a Magic Clipboard.

It all works the same way, as when we create our grocery lists
as mentioned in “Manifesting Methods for Would Be

And what is that?

The moment we begin to draw and or write something down
that we choose to have, it in that moment, in fact the moment
before that, begins to place an image in our mind. It’s that
image that we keep in our minds that brings us what we want,
as well as many of us know, what we don’t want.

We write down things we need from the grocery store on our
grocery store list. What happens? We come home with those
things and usually more.

When we write down things we need from the office supply
store, we bring those back with us manifest fulfilled.

When we don’t make a grocery list or we forget to take it with
us to the store, what happens? We forget. We forget what we
wanted. We feel disappointed, because we can’t remember.
What happens? Dinner is spoiled.

The same thing happens when we don’t consider it may be
just as important to write the desires we choose fulfilled down
on paper and up on our walls.

What happens if we don’t or wont? We forget …and then we
don’t get what we wanted. And then we are surprised that we
don’t have our lives as we would prefer.

Why do we think it works any differently or harder than that,
in order for our heart felt dreams to come true? Because that’s
what we think, that’s why.

If cavemen used a magic cavewall to bring them their dinner,
simply because they wrote it down; if our husbands, wives,
lovers write down the things they want from the grocery store,
and it manifests on their dinner table. If Hank Ramsan wrote
down what he wanted so that he got all he needed and
more..then what is it that keeps many of us  from writing
down what we want for our lives?

It’s that we have not yet convinced ourselves that having our
dreams come true can actually be that easy.

It is.

Susan James

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