“Manifesting 101 & Beyond” is a collection of essays and tools for creating one”s life in a dream come true format. It is using the author”s own interpretation of her coined phrase “User Friendly Physics”, which is loosely described as “How to get what you want in your life to happen , without goofing it up first.”

starThese original essays are from the popular electronic newsletter series by the author Susan James as well as many other contributors in the field of making dreams come true. The ideas and thoughts presented here are intended to help the reader “have life their way”, as well as to bring “heaven on earth” to each one choosing this path.

This book is about directing one”s thoughts on purpose while getting very clear on one”s vision for their own lives. As you grow and evolve – like the those who have contributed here – you will see easily how to give pure attention to your desires flowing to you, instead of you chasing them.

This newsletter series now in book form was made possible by many hearts continuing towards their own definition of happiness and dreams coming true. You will find inspiration here, you will find ideas and evidence of how to “do it”, without so much “doing”.

You will understand energy…..and how to move it. You are given actual tools, instruments and exercises, and are shown how they too, show up in our families, livelihoods and work to move us toward what we really intend.

We can get there the easy way or the hard way. This book shows you the easy way!

A Piece of Wisdom From The Book:

Notice What You Notice! (by Susan James)
As you learn to ASK the Universe for signs and symbols, “remember” to pay attention, because you WILL get Answers, and you will “feel” that you have been given an answer. Next Step, trust what you “heard, felt, or saw.




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