Manifesting 102 & Beyond: The Design Continues takes us to the place where Manifesting 101(the book) left off. Merely, understanding some of the things we can not see with our physical eyes, but of which we can teach ourselves to use to design our lives by. This information is presented in essay form inspired from the continuing weekly electronic newsletter, Manifesting 101 & Beyond by Susan James.

There is this line we bring ourselves to as we teach ourselves and one another how to manifest on purpose; (on purpose being the operative words); this line, is the one between holding on and letting go of a desire and intention so that it will flow to us in ease. Bringing ourselves this new understanding can make all the difference in the world in the amount of time needed for our dreams to come true. It is a fabric of momentum.

How do we chase or allow abundance? Which one works the best? Which one will bring us our dreams for life and lifestyle change the fastest, or which one will keep it just beyond our reach?

Once we really see, what we have been dusting under the rug, we again add more momentum to our envisioned success in all areas of our lives, including relationships, money, health, business, livelihood and lifestyle. How do I know? I Live It!

How do we do all of this while avoiding those 2X4’s that can come up and whack us off of our ladder to success. What do we need to know about those experiences, from a User Friendly Physics application, and how can we miss them the next time, so that there is no next time?

What about our Potential? Could it be we have a Potential Path where the people, the events, the circumstances are just waiting for us to get out of our own way, to get on with it, so that they can bring us what we say we want? Do you know anything about your own Potential Path?

Included also at the end of this book are two games never before released. The Money Flow Game & The Game of Intrinsic Value.

These are the only games to date I have not released, simply because these came to me in a part of my life, when I was transitioning from old work energy, into new livelihood energy. They are more personal than the others, and just as affective. For someone such as myself, and anyone who is choosing to allow their gifts and talents to be how sweet money, and other grand forms of abundance show up in our lives, you will find these two games helpful and insightful, and they will move you forward.

As Always, nothing, no thing, is an accident; and for whatever has brought your eyes to these pages, I do hope you pay attention, follow and honor what is shown to you. It may just be your next step in your dreams coming true and your prayers being answered.

It was and continues to be so for me. (sj)

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