Table of Contents

About The Author
Being Hard Headed: Universe Response
That Ever Evasive Fine Line !
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Nothing Really Matters
Chasing or Allowing Abundance
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Power Mechanisms
Choice and Decision
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Everywhere I Go ! Intent !
Are You Resisting Your Hearts Desire?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
The Pre Vibration to Manifesting
No One Talks About Heaven Anymore
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Red Bandana Brings You Your Stuff !
No Music ? Dis Connected ? Couldn’t Be !
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
The Protection & Abundance of Flow
What Is *Before* Thought ?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
(Notice What You Notice)
The Seduction of Imagination
Chakras What The Heck Are They Good For ?
Chasing Your Tail ?
Let’s Talk About The Money Thing
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Does Higher Intelligence Know How To Find You?
Short vs Long Term Manifesting
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
The Fine Line Between Detachment & Desire
Pains In The Exterior Rumpness
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Then And Now
How Many Ways Can You Say , Imagination ?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Kissing & Desire
How Noisy Are You ?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Struggling Still ?
Depending On Your Higher Self ?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Jesus, Bread & Money
On Prayer & Affirmations
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Belief Faith Knowing
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
My Sister Manifesting Money
What Controls Our Now ?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
So What ?
Where Is Your Mind Lately ?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Between The Bread Crumbs & The 2X4’s
Desire, Need, Lack & Sensuality
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Build Your Thoughtform, Then Go Away !
Personal Power Or Strength ?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Changing Rhythms Inwardly
When Life Calls Your Bluff
(The Eyes Behind Your Eyes)
From Genius To Idiot In 30 Seconds Part 1
From Genius To Idiot In 30 Seconds Part 2
(Okay, So I’m An Idiot !)
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
What’s On Your Door ?
Duck Soup Or Duck Source?
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Spending Is A Habit Or Opportunity Is Frequency
Emotion & Desire
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Potential: Got Any ?
Something Else We Forgot !
50 Essays Later
The Wisdom Loft (sj)
Setting Dates for Intentions & Desires:
(Do They Help or Hinder Manifesting?)
The Money Flow Game
The Game of Intrinsic Value
The Magic Wall
The Sword of Three’s

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