Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires
(by Susan James)


Most self empowerment books for attaining success and wealth usually have these keywords as the main themes of achieving wealth and or millionaire status.

Focus, sub conscious, desire, goals, self worth, making list of goals, positive mental attitude, belief, faith, and passion for what you do.

Although, these are great well meaning words and guidelines, there is a huge piece of the puzzle missing. That what this book is about.

What’s Missing?

The ingredients of each one of those words is made up of something. “Some Thing”.

What you are about to read and discover are the secret ingredients contained in each one of those words.

As you see and understand the secret ingredients; just by pure association with that knowing, you begin to expand into your millionaire essence.

And what is millionaire essence? You are about to find that out, as well!

You are about to embrace how your millionaire status is able to flow to you.

The Rules? There are none. But you do need to Pay Attention!

And with this we move into the secrets of the Ancients as told to the many who are ready to hear.