Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires
(by Susan James)


What this Book is NOT About:

A. Financial Methods for Attaining Wealth.
B. Psyche 101 and Business & Marketing 101Methods for Attaining Wealth.
C. Positive Mental Attitudes For Attaining Wealth
D. Goal Setting

What This Book IS About:

A. The Application of The Mechanics of Energy and & Spirit towards Multimillionaire Status.

B. This book goes behind the scenes of many great self empowerment concepts and explains the Mechanics of Energy at work behind the ideas.

There is a Physics, a simple, easy, useable physics behind every great concept and idea; This user friendly physics is now being made available to the masses.

C. Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires takes the plan that many writers have given us over many years, and dissects the parts, so that we understand the workings of the energy, like the ingredients of a recipe.

D. There is a Mechanics behind our ideas and inspirations, that can be explained, understood, and implemented, just like a car instruction manual provided with a car.

E. And with that information moving into our experience through the pureness of knowing, this then leads to the evidence appearing within our physical lives. We’ve been doing much of it backwards, and making it harder than it need be and its time for the 360 in the other direction!

F. The cliche’ of being born without an Instruction Manual is no longer the Truth !

My Personal Objectives for this Writing:

  •  For me to have fun doing something that I am good at.
  • To move my energy stream to a higher level.
  • To draw to me through this experience the matching of my intentions, both for my physical and non physical life.
  • To continue the general theme of most of my writing, which is how to create heaven on earth, while expanding Consciousness for the One
  • To write this information so that it appeals on many levels, to the personality that sits in front of the souls gentle nudge to understand the more.

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