Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires
(by Susan James)

Branch #1

Know this: You can not be a millionaire, if you are worrying about getting your bills paid, or putting gas in the car.

Know this: You can not be a millionaire if you are a person who is purposely unkind to others.

Know this: You can not be a millionaire if you are constantly concerned about your health or a bad back.

Summary: You can not be a millionaire, if you are thinking, and talking about not having enough money to take care of your life, and if you are in an unpleasant state of mind with other people, and or you are constantly talking about how bad you feel or how sick you are.

Branch #2

Your question or query might now be; “well, I am none of those things!”

Possibly you are a person who is not concerned about money for day to day living, and quite possibly you are nice and generous with other people, and you are in good health in general .

So why aren’t You a Millionaire then, based on the previous words?

That’s part of the secret ingredients. You have not yet discovered the force that you have. And if you had discovered it you have not been using it or you have not been using it properly. If you had, then this book would not have popped into your experience.

Together you and I will break this down into various components of energy. Levels of energy. You have to see and understand the mechanics of this millionaire quest. You can not jump from not a millionaire this moment and be one the next.

If you could do that, you would have done it already, and again, this book would not have landed in your life.

Note: The Lottery aside, and of course that could happen. But lots of folks who win lotteries, don’t have the secret knowledge, to either keep the money or to be happy while they have it. They unknowingly invite may other issues into their lives, that take away from the fun of the money. It’s like weight loss. If you lose it without using some of the ingredients told here, then most likely you will gain it back and you most likely were unhappy in the process, which is one of the reasons you will automatically gain the weight back.

This is about you having your millionaire status flow to you and you being happy, and keeping your financial resources the way you want them to be.

Branch #3

I’m going to save us both some time and make some assumptions about you.

You want to be a millionaire, because it gives you more choices. It helps to take your mind off of frustrating things like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Being a Millionaire would give you freedom. Freedom for what? Well, Freedom to be who you want to be, when you want to be it.

So let’s assume at least that much. That you have some spiritual inner sense about this.

I will also assume that you are okay about having lots of money, and that it’s not a *sin* to have lots of money.

If you have a *thing* about that, then there are plenty of books to help you through that. This book is not that. This book is about A Force. This book is about the mechanics that you don’t know about nor use. It’s about ease in manifesting the financial resources you want.

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