Miracles, Physics & Goldie Hawn (sj)

Miracles, New Physics and Goldie Hawn
(by Susan James)

One of the things I do to keep my mind happy is to read
Autobiographies of folks in the Arts and Entertainment field.
Not only does it keep my mind happy, but it assists my writing
in the first person, and in ‘voice’. It helps me see how the story
moves along and keeps the reader invested and interested
through their struggles and successes.

‘My Happy Days in Hollywood’ (Garry Marshall-Happy Days-
Odd Couple-Laverne and Shirley, The Princess Diaries, Pretty
Woman), ‘Candice Bergen, A Fine Romance (Murphy Brown,
Boston Legal) and ‘Goldie, A Lotus Grows In The Mud’
(Goldie Hawn w/Wendy Holden) were the most recent.

In the Chapter on ‘Miracles’ Ms. Hawn tells the story of her
first born Oliver, and how he almost didn’t make it into this
world. It was through her strong intent and prayer over him that
changed the course of his life and hers.

She writes: “Suddenly, a warm blue sensation courses through
my veins. I become intensely calm. A wonderful aura of
unconditional love permeates the space around us. I look up at
the monitor and watch it show definite signs of change….This
experience started me on a lifelong journey…into the new
physics or quantum physics. …I continue to pray every day, not
for miracles but for a peaceful and compassionate world.”

I chose Goldie Hawn’s story for this essay, because it addresses
a devotion to all things higher, just as I have. It’s like sweet
golden chocolate to my heart and mind.

All of us choosing the higher end of things, the new physics,
will most certainly assist in the continued intent of Goldie Hawn
and others, which is for a peaceful and compassionate world.

Everyone will know the fact that only good prevails, and it is
good and it will prevail, and Life is to be Celebrated!  (sj)

Susan James

Resource: ‘Goldie-A Lotus Grows In The Mud (Goldie Hawn
w/Wendy Holden) Berkley Books/Penguin Group Inc.
@goldiehawn Goldie Hawn,Founder of The Hawn Foundation,
Children’s Advocate and Celebrating Life. #CelebratingLife