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Secrets In My Socks
(Susan James-Vast Five)

Most of us know that using our imagination-visualization can bring us desire fulfillment in the easiest most ideal ways and means. The problem for many of us is that we forget to remember to think about what we want so that the energy will build itself and create the thing we want.

This was the case for me years ago. I was in a job that I needed but did not want. I had just begun studying things of a higher nature. Everything was reinforcing the need for conscious creating through thinking on purpose about what we wanted.

I needed a way to be able to remind myself of what I wanted, when I was in a place that did not allow for these such things. I needed a way to remind myself to think of what I wanted, when my head was more full of things I did not want. I knew that if I did not find a way to expand my mind a bit, towards what I wanted, my life would be dull and mediocre. This I did not want!

The idea came: Put a little secret in your sock. No one will know what you are doing, and just knowing that specific desire, that thing I wanted to happen is written on that little piece of paper, and was in my sock, was enough to remind me. It was enough to make it happen. It was enough to help me ponder, think about this thing I wanted. It was enough to help me build momentum in energy for the thing to show up. I didn’t even need to take the little piece of gold out of my sock and read it. Just my knowing it was there was enough.

Secrets In My Socks have carried me a long way. It led me to be a writer of these higher things. It led me to find easier, more fun ways of desire fullfilment. I needed easy and fun.

Secrets In My Socks helped to set it all up for me. I still have Secrets In My Socks.And Now..I Introduce with Intentions for Your Dreams to Come True, The Brand: Secrets In My Socks: Effortless Visualization. For Updates On Secrets In My Socks and Susan James Socks, Please Visit And