Susan James Immaculate Momentum

It’s been the simplicity of The Susan James Method of
Manifestation over the past years, that have led me to my own
expansion and use and knowledge of tools since the beginning
of time. (This includes how Secrets In My Socks was born.)
We can label these Ancient, Spiritual, Magical.

My own path began with an Aladdin’s Lamp on top of a stack
of books. It was a metaphor for my direction to MORE. I’ve
chased after The Genie until The Genie caught me.

This new level of method is being used and incorporated in my
newest consulting and course offerings.(Some TBA) I’ve
begun introducing some of it to the Castle’s Subscribers as
well as the more recent folks showing up for SJ Mini-Mega-
Retainer as well as SJ Confabulation.

For me it’s been about how to have things be as easy and
good as I’ve known it was always supposed to be for all of us.

Depending on your own place in expansion, we may play with
some of those tools at all levels of Susan James Consulting.

Please visit these pages if you find yourself curious for the
MORE and feel I may be of benefit along your way.

The SJ Mini (3 Days Email w/Susan) $95.

The SJ Mega (5-7 Days Email/Susan) $190.00

The SJ Monthly Retainer (phone/email/text) $1900.00

Susan James Confabulation (1 phone call) $150. Then $99
following month.

To Enroll in any of the above, please visit:

Watch for The IM Course! (TBA)

Best and Splendid Success!
Susan James

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