Susan James Consulting – The Monthly Retainer

Includes email/phone consults/text
More on a dash and whim as needed

This option applies to the more seasoned knowledge seeker
whom is not always near a computer nor wants to be.

Incorporates Susan’s ‘Immaculate Momentum’ methods.
Use of Light Language for Acceleration. This level is beyond
the basic teachings of higher mechanics.

Susan James Consulting
Specializing in Business, Lifestyle,
Livelihood and Financial Expansion

Susan James Consulting Incorporates Basic and Higher
Knowledge Towards Manifesting Skill Development Through
The Susan James Methods of Manifestation and Immaculate

Which Really Means This…at this level…

In simple terms this means that if your life seems broken and
all your material needs are easily met, but anxiety and fear
remains a large part of your life…and you know there is
MORE and you want ‘that’…..

Or maybe you know life should be PERPETUALLY easier
and full of peace and joy..and you want THAT…
And maybe you don’t know what ‘that’ is…but you know
you want it!

If you feel that I may be of personal one-on-one assistance
towards your Potential Path, and-or your business, please
contact me by email … and that’s where we begin!

Please visit for for various
rates for the above mentioned.

Thank You For Your Interest!
Susan James, Author/Consultant
Vast Five Productions

SJ Testimonials

The SJ Mini (3 Days Email w/Susan) $95.
The SJ Mega (5-7 Days Email/Susan) $190.00
The SJ Monthly Retainer (phone/email/text) $1900.00
Susan James Confabulation (1 phone call) $150. Then $99
following month.

To Enroll in any of the above, please visit:
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