Susan James Consulting – The Mini $95.00

Email Consults over 3 inclusive days.

The SJ Mini is used for those in need of some fine tuning,
getting more clear, and or a general kick-start or kick in the
pants! This option is also good for those who’ve consulted
with me previously, and we can hit the ground running!

Susan James Consulting Incorporates Basic and Higher
Knowledge Towards Manifesting Skill Development Through
Susan’s User Friendly Physics, Maverick Momentum Methods
and most recently, Immaculate Momentum.

Which Really Means This…

In plain terms this means that if your car is broken, if your
heart is crushed and you can’t find your way to the other side
of things where life both feels and looks better consistently,
then that’s where we begin.

If your money-life is ok, but you’d like more of it, as well as
more of everything, but can’t find your way to it … then that’s
where we begin.

If you keep hearing about how you need to be enlightened but
can’t seem to pay your bills, much less care about the other
concerns of the planet, then that’s where we begin.

If you have a business or idea or are a writer that can’t get
things moving forward, then that’s where we begin.

In Other Words….

If you feel that I may be of personal one-on-one assistance
towards your Potential Path, and-or your business, please
contact me by email … and that’s where we begin!

Please visit for for various
rates for Susan James Books and Services.

Susan James Consulting: The Mini $95.00
Email Consults over 3 inclusive days.

Thank You For Your Interest!
Susan James, Author/Consultant
Vast Five Productions

Susan James Testimonials

The SJ Mini (3 Days Email w/Susan) $95.
The SJ Mega (5-7 Days Email/Susan) $190.00
The SJ Monthly Retainer (phone/email/text) $1900.00
Susan James Confabulation (1 phone call) $150. Then $99
following month.

To Enroll in any of the above, please visit:
Susan James Consulting
Specializing in Business, Lifestyle,
Livelihood and Financial Expansion

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