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July 5, 2012

<>Vast Five Publishes It’s First Children’s Book
by A New Author. Release Date: August 2012

<>Susan James Books and Barkles Facebook Ads
begin July 15.

<>Upcoming Castle Benefits
What are Castle Benefits?
Extra (free) stuff for subscribers to Castle’s The Newsletter,
which includes Castle-SPEED.
-Barkle #4 The Genie vs Capitalism
(The Game Changer or What To Do When the Numbers
Don’t Add Up)
-Barkle #5 Using Eienstein’s Formula for Manifestation

Barkles are Available On Kindle Only, except for Castle
Newsletter Subscribers who may have a (free) copy in word

The Barkle Series except from the free promos on KDP Select
moves from .99 to $1.49 on July 15.

What’s a Barkle? (Combo Book/Article)
Available Only On Amazon’s Kindle (except for Castle-
Newsletter Subscribers)
Susan James Barkles may be found on Susan’s Amazon Page:

== .
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(On Being The One Percenter)
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