Susan James Manifesting Games (1,2,3)







The Manifesting Games of Susan James
(Sampler, Books 1, 2, 3)

There was a moment, years ago, when I knew there had to be a
better way, an easier way to have the life, the peace, the
harmony, the lifestyle I knew was there for me. It was one of
those moments when you reach down inside yourself to find the
real answers.

I began studying things of a deeper and higher nature, but this
study was going to need some practice if I was to be successful
at it. I had to make it easy and fun for me, and The Manifesting
Games of Susan James was the beginning of many Games and
Courses, which began to change my life for the better. This then
developed into a series of more games more courses which
continue to prove themselves daily.

These games are not for everyone, they reflect my own search
for success and happiness in the easiest most unique and
profound ways.

To help you decide if this series or any level of it are for you,
please download the Sampler which gives an overview of all 3
books in the Susan James Manifesting Games Series.

The entire series (Books 1,2 3) including the sampler are
available in pdf, epub, and Kindle formats and may be found
on Amazon, Nook, Kobo as well as and

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