Take The Jar Up The Hill (Need a Quick Fix?)

Take The Jar Up The Hill
(Need a Quick Fix for ‘Something’?)

I’ve been editing ‘Castles & Buttons’ (How to Have
Everything by Doing Nothing, Advanced Higher Mechanics)
It’ll be a Series of 4 Books based on and from The Castle’s
and Buttons Subscription Newsletter. (Some of you here were
on that list, Thank You!)

This is my second time through it looking for typo’s etc, and it
is the 2nd time, that I felt a nudge to post one of the many
essays. This time I’m going to do it. Maybe someone needs it?
Love Susan

Take The Jar Up The Hill (sj)

Here’s what happened:
A good while back, I was having a relationship issue, and it
had become painful. I needed to let go of it, but couldn’t seem
to bring myself to do it. So I ‘asked’ for higher help. I was led
to this conversation within my mind.

The Higher part of me, was asking me: ‘Susan, would you like
for us to take this over from you?’

My answer was of course, yes, please.

This is what they did and it was a mental image in my mind.
They said: ‘How about you put you and your relationship in
this Jar. And we will walk this jar up the hill and leave it at
the top of the hill. Is that ok with you?’ My Answer, Yes.

So I pictured my issue being carried up the hill in a jar by
some higher friends. And then it was ‘changed’. I felt better, I
felt everything was handled for me and the circumstances no
longer mattered, because the whole thing was in a jar on the
hill, the higher hill.

Imagination is Our Engine to Getting Ourselves Out of Life’s
Messes and Into Our Dreams Coming True.

The Done Deal Degreaser, as well as The Loop are tools of
imagination, of pondering constructively, of using higher light
energy in form of desire.
Taking The Jar Up The Hill. Same MO (Method of
Operation) We can use it for many of life’s resistant felt,

Take The Jar Up The Hill and Be Splendid and Awesome!
Susan James

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