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CastlesBLOGpgThank You for Signing Up for The Paid Subscription to
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Most months there are 2 issues that are sent out. Each issue
has both the email version and the pdf version. Some months,
there is a ‘private label’ issue and from time to time I will put
out a listing of past issues and private labels that you are
welcome to also have as part of your current subscription.
Just let me know which issues interest you and I’ll send them.

There are also other benefits along the way.

Your transaction via paypal has been completed for Castle’s
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Thank You Again, and I Look Forward to Everything for Us All!
Susan James

If you have bumped into this page by mistake, and since there are no
mistakes, and you’d like to read about Castles Advanced, and what’s
involved in subscribing and costs etc…here’s the info:

CASTLES-The Newsletter (ADVANCED Higher Mechanics)
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