The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made (I Made It 3x) Susan James

Castles – The Newsletter (Issue #4)

The 4th Issue of Castle’s The Newsletter is Out!

The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made
(And I Made It Three Times)
(by Susan James)

This is not a story about follow your heart and the money will
flow. There’s more to it than that.

This is a story about how things really work behind the veil,
behind the curtain, and finally sensing it and using that
information to accomplish what you want, in life and

Years ago, I was in sales for a large international company.
Made great money. After 5 years, I got a Fed Ex letter on my
doorstep informing me that the company no longer existed
and the many of us around the nation, were no longer needed.

After that incident, I did it again, went and got an even better
job with a similar company, worked there 3 years and was
laid off.

(And then what happened?)
You’ll have to read the newsletter to find out!
(End Excerpt)

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