The Castle – Newsletter (by Susan James)

The Castle – Newsletter (by Susan James)

It is the intention of The Castle Newsletter
to assist others in getting what they want, at the
level they want, void of any type of work or effort.

to assist others to see, know and understand that
Castles and Buttons are the same; Why not go for the

This Newsletter is based on the upcoming book by
Susan James, ‘CASTLES – How To Have
Everything by Doing Nothing’

It is my pure enjoyment to prove the one and only
Law, The Ideal. It is my hearts desire, in fun and
entertaining ways to help you the reader, do the
same. (Susan James)

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Short pieces sent in between Castle Newsletter Issues.

The Susan James Barkles
Currently The Barkles are only being offered through the
Amazon Kindle Program . Occasionally if the inspiration
strikes I put some of these out for free on Fridays.
Their current cost is: ($1.49)
However, for any subscriber to Castle Newsletter, they may
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Other nice things as they may come along, such as The Wild
Bill Wall (free for the asking for Castle Newsletter Monthly

Castles w/Benefits

Upcoming Themes:
-There are No Mysteries, No Secrets, There is Only
Understanding, Implementation and Validation of
The One True Law.
-What is Automatic Action?
-What really links us with Omnipotence?
-The System of Gifts – Fast Tracked
-What gives us the power over all conditions and
-How can we change things in The Twinkling Of An
-What opens up the floodgates on abundance and
-What affects the linear time delivery, when there is
really no such thing as time?
-Bricks without Straw (The Magic of turning the
impossible into fulfillment)
-The Choice Factor Fully Engaged
-How to Buffer and Protect Yourself From
Conditions and Circumstances While Expanding
Into Your Dreams Coming True.
-Proving The Law of Abundance
-Proving The Ideal
-Proving Aladdin’s Lamp
-Automatic Manifestation
-Profusion Abundance
-Fusion, How to Use It For Desire Fulfillment
-Having Everything Easier, Faster
-Impacting Immediate Movement
-Higher Velocity Vibration (What It Means and How
To Get It)
-And……….MORE ! Some issues will be similar to
‘Course Material’.

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CASTLES-The Newsletter (ADVANCED Higher
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Best Success for Absolutely Everything!
Susan James
Personal Development w/A Twist; Stirred But Not Shaken.
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