The Done Deal Care Package

Good1The Done Deal Care Package
(by Susan James)

Photo by Lisa Fischer

A Thank You From Susan James!

The Done Deal Care Package
(No Charge Marge, Want One??)

The Done Deal Care Package is a simple thank you to all of the people who have participated in
Susan James Courses /
Consulting over the past years.

There is no catch. There is no charge marge. There is nothing to download so that you can get it. I wanted to
design something fun to give to ‘you’ which meant something to me, which has worked for me and desires I
chose for fulfillment and the MORE of all of that. Just a fun thanks!

If you have played in any of the sj group courses and or with me in SJ Consulting and would like me to
send you A Done Deal Care Package, please email me your snail mail address.
Send it to:

International folks as well!
Those of you on the Castles ADVANCED Newsletter List will get 2 of some of the items, as an added thanks!

Please see the photo above as that’s The Done Deal Care Package.

Here is what is in the Done Deal Care Package and Why It is included:

The Done Deal Ink Pen
There are so many reasons to ‘write’ things, and since you’ve taken some sj courses and read some
books, you know the ‘pen is mightier than the sword, but we use the pen for the Swords’

The Done Deal is written on the barrel, which will serve as a reminder of your own done deals.

The Done Deal Wrist Band
You are familiar with all of the many plastic bands that folks wear on their wrists in support of a cause.
The Done Deal Wrist Band is in support of your desire, your cause. I have always worn something on my
wrist which was a constant reminder to my mind and thought vibration of something I wanted to fulfill.

Over the years I’ve worn various types of bracelets that only I knew their true meaning. Some I’ve had
designed for me. The Done Deal Wrist Band is a simple reminder which our subconscious picks up.
The Done Deal is softly written in green on the green band.

The Done Deal Magnet.
Simply another reminder placed somewhere where only we know what it means to us.

The Done Deal Card
A card to write in clear succinct terms at least 2 of our Done Deals

Last but not least…
A Large Gold Paper Clip.
As I wrote of in the book, Manifest Warp Speed, the gold paper clip is a reminder of how as we send our
thoughts out, they are magnetized and clipped together with the experience containing our manifestation.

So…if you’ve taken any one of The Susan James Group Courses and or been one-on-one with me in SJ Consulting, and you’d like a Done Deal Care Package, please email me your snail mail postal address. No need to name the course, I know who you are most likely!

My Best To All Of Your Done Deals!
Susan James
ps: Please feel free to pass the link along to any one who you feel qualifies and might want a Done Deal Care Package!

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