There are many wonderful books available on the subject matter of which I expand here. I take no credit for any secrets or discoveries. The material is out there for all of us to find. I’ll list some acknowledgment and references towards the back for you to use in your own personal development.

This is a Course in Personal Development, Using Higher Mechanics in a Concise Format.

This book is simply my application of how I used various methods for my own development, and how I re-designed what is already out there for my success. I had to make it my own, just as you will find ways to make it your own. Along my journey I glimpsed many insights and inspirations, which I share in this book.

There is also a bit of newness among the pages.

All of the wonderful books by great writers and the inspirational essence behind these writings, while still on the written page, are simply mental theories and philosophies. They are ideas we may choose to practice and prove. We have to be willing to try out these theories and ideas and prove to ourselves that they do in fact work-if we work them.

I have done that; worked them. They work. Others of whom I have assisted one-on-one and in courses have also succeeded in the applications of these methods.

It is my intent to keep the wording clear and concise. By no means is this the only book that you need to read of the many writers from ancient to present day. This is simply one person’s application. Mine. You may find something new among the pages.

I endeavor not to repeat what I have already written in other books. I do recommend that you read some of those, along with the free material I offer in various places online. This is however an expanded version of my earlier books with some added expansion methods used in many of the various Susan James Courses as well as the avenue of consulting.

This is a Course in Personal Development, Using Higher Mechanics in a Concise Format.

I have made this writing so concise that in the beginning stages it was actually three books. It is now one. This is the fundamentals of manifestation at work as valued in my own experience. It is my Application of Higher Mechanics.

Thank You and Best Success in Absolutely Everything!

Susan James

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