Table Of Contents

    • The Truth
    • Introduction

Part One
The Basics

  • One – Two – Three
    • One: Have And Have Not
    • Two: Have And Have Some Of It
    • Three: Have And Have And Have
  • A Word About WORDS
    • Desire Drives Fulfillment With The Help of Words (Written, Spoken, Thought)
    • You Can’t Get It Wrong Is, Well, Not Exactly Correct
    • Risk And Goal vs Manifestation
    • The Order of Manifestation
    • The UnHow of Inspiration
    • The Two Sides of Wanting (And They Are Both Good!)
    • Why Do We Really Make Lists?
    • Outrageous Potential
  • The Exponential Effect of Surfacing Resistance
    • The Underbelly of Manifestation (For The Analytical Among Us)
    • Powerful Light Beings Are Not Lazy Bums
  • The Gulf Stream of Manifestation
    • The Primary Reason It Takes Practice
  • The Ice Cream Store of Life
  • On Blink
  • A Unique Look At ‘The How’
    • The Straight Shot
  • Clarity In Desire Fulfillment
    • The Energy of Clarity
    • The Clarity of Focusing On Desire Fulfillment
    • The Essence of Paying Attention And Focus
    • Frontal Lobe Cookies
  • The Function of The Brain
    • How We Can Use It For Desire Fulfillment
    • The Brain as The Driver
    • The Why of The Method
  • Writing And Affirming in Sets Of Threes
    • Why Writing Things Down Brings Them To Us
    • Why Read Intentions Out Loud?
    • How Does It Affect Our Potential?
    • The Un-Do To Do Bridge And The Switch
    • Operating From The Space of No Lack
    • Why Re-Do The Writing?
    • The Human Effort Piece (Reminder Daily Agenda)
  • Money
    • Becoming An Atomic Money Accelerator
    • Surviving And Expanding Over Money
    • A Higher Approach To Credit Cards
    • On Disappearing Databases
    • The Wild Bill Wall
  • Splendiferous Attention
    • Splendiferous Attention Equals Higher Imagination
    • Fiberoptic Imagination
    • Image of Imagination
    • From Mental Images to Material Form
    • Imagination Has No Blocks
    • Imagination As A Mechanics of Manifestation
    • The Actual Mechanics of Imagination (How And Why It Works)
    • The How of Imagination
    • Buttons And Castles
  • Resistance
    • Words as Barnacle Lifters
    • Why Is It Words?
    • The CRUX – The Toughest Part
    • More on The Crux
    • MORE on The Crux (An Example)
  • How to Surface Resistance
    • How to Surface A Need/Challenge so That We Can Get What We Want (Expanding From Resistance)
    • What If We Are Not Making The Effort to Surface Resistance?
    • If You Need A Nudge to Begin Surfacing Resistance
    • Example of How To Write Out Resistance
    • The Ease of The Quick Fix

Part Two

  • The Reason Circumstances Do Not Matter
    • Human Drama/Sabotage
    • The Loop Tool
  • The Done Deal
    • Closing The Gap Between Desire And Fulfillment
  • The Done Deal
    • Using Short-Term Money As An Example
  • The Done Deal Method
    • Against All Odds, How and Why It Works
    • The Workings of Consciousness On Desire Fulfillment
  • The Path of The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg
    • Developing The Potency of Pure Higher Focus
  • Done Deal Speed
    • Taking Circumstance Out of Everything
      (The ‘Ooops, There It Is’ Moment)
  • Getting Out of The How-To Loop And Into Done Deal Speed
    • Thought Fusion: Why the Excitement Leaves After We Have Gotten
    • What We Want (And How to Use This for Desire Fulfillment)
    • How To Suspend Disbelief And Make The Unbelievable, Believable (The Downside of Not Using The Done Deal)
    • Conscious vs Unconscious Preparation Of Life Events
    • The Genie: Making The Unbelievable Manifest
    • Personal Notes on Abundance And Wealth
    • The Only Thing Standing Between What We Want and Getting It (The Simplicity)
    • It’s Not Harder Than Easy
    • How To Change From Living In A Not So Great Home, To Living In A Much Better One
    • Just Show Up And Collect It All (It Looks Like This)
    • The Shortcut or Arms-Length to The Money
    • The Virgin Law
    • The Three Day Amp (A Player Reminder Game)
    • The James Brown Degreaser Sword (A Player Reminder Game)
    • The Favor And Flavor of Favoritism
  • How Does Setting Dates Factor In For Desire Fulfillment?
    • On Setting Dates For The Fulfillment of Desire On Pre-Set Dates (Dates Set by Others)
    • On Dates That We Set For Desire Fulfillment
  • Reminders
  • The Closing Chapter
    • Proof in Practice And Application of The Done Deal
  • Epilogue
    • How Long Does It Take, And How Will I Know It’s Coming To Me?
  • Addendum
    • An Example of The Importance of Clarity in Desire Fulfillment The Famous Red Car Essay by Susan James
  • A Difference Between This Book and Others
    • From The Done Deal To Castles
      (Quickening Desire Fulfillment)
  • Resources Acknowledgments
  • About The Author

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