The Truth

Early on I realized I wasn’t going to get what I really wanted, at the level I wanted, by following general business and self-growth concepts. At the time I didn’t know why this was the case. I do know now.

I also knew I wouldn’t get there following general religious or mainstream spiritual concepts and beliefs, although both were an intensive and enjoyable part of my study.

The same part of me that knew what wouldn’t work drove me to understand ‘how things really work behind the curtain.’ As I began to understand, I applied these principles to my life, lifestyle and business.

Did I have bumps and bruises along the way? Yes, but my thirst for this knowledge kept me going no matter what. No matter my resources, no matter any broken hearts, no matter anything.

What kept me going even with the bumps and bruises? I knew that as I expanded into the ‘correct understanding and application of higher knowledge’ the bumps and bruises of time and circumstance would cease. Done Deal.

The Way: Continuing on the way, and getting there, isn’t for everyone. You already know, if it is for you. (Susan James)

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