The Genie vs Capitalism (The Game Changer) Susan James

The Genie vs Capitalism (The Game Changer)
Barkle #3

The Genie vs Capitalism (The Game Changer)
is now available on Amazon’s Kindle (.99)

In this 10 page Barkle, 4 pages Primary Content + 6 pages
Resources, (Barkle is defined by the author as a combination
of Article and Book) is a perspective on how and why as
more of us study, understand and apply things of a higher
nature, things often dismissed as only fairy tales, but which
contain higher truths, can expand us into our true natures of
abundance and wealth. We become the solution to human
natures mis-steps by applying ‘thoughts of fancy’.

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Susan James
Personal Development with a Twist, Stirred but not Shaken.
Author of The Award Winning Manifesting 101 & Beyond,
Manifesting 102 & Beyond, Manifest Warp Speed,
Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires, 17 Seconds
to Wt.Loss, The Millionaire Maverick (Novel) and The Done
Deal (Closing The Gap Between Desire and Fulfillment)  
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